Flash-GPU-Support 2010-10-29

This is the project page of FxStage which is a GPU based rendering API for Adobe Flash Player under Windows. It is based on a C++ Plugin to have full OpenGL support for Flash.

I closed most of the page due to the upcomming 3D API from Adobe. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flash/molehill/. Adobes API looks VERY cool and can directly access OpenGL and DirectX so it is obvious that they will beat every other Flash-GPU attempt :)

A sad day for FxStage but a great day for every Flash-GPU fanboy like myself :) You can still enjoy the FxStage demos and try for your self how fast Flash will be.

*You need Windows, Java and your Browser must run in 32 bit mode
Christoph Schnackenberg | Feel free to contact me: bluechs_remove_this_@gmx.de | 2010